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Hallo All Dears

Hai. I am writing here today, after very long time, to share the following information.

  • My column with First Post has sadly ended. I'm not sure if anyone read it, but if you did, you can't anymore, sry.

  • I am writing original, audio stories for children at a Youtube channel called Storycakes. They are not that weird, although there is one story about a mushroom that catches a cold. And bees on skis. And someone buys a giant shoe for some reason. Anyway, it would also be great if you could check us out on Instagram and Twitter, because we only have 3 followers on Twitter, which is both hilarious and sad.

  • Rolling Stone India will be hosting my new column, where I will fearlessly dive into and listen to the music I find there. I hope to listen to things that are new to me, even if I am feeling particularly racist on that day.

And perhaps most important of all, Dina Martina Remakes the 80s.

I love this so much you guys. Ok bai.


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