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New Work at Mud Luscious and Also Some Other Things Also

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I have a very short piece called firang up at mud luscious.

ml press will be publishing a chapbook of one of my pieces called Three Scenarios Leading to the Rape of a Teenage Girl in the Tropicool Icy-land Urban Indian Slum.

Interesting Lesson of the New Year- ‘Buenos Nachos Hombre’ apparently does not mean ‘Happy New Year’ in Spanish.

Music That I Unintentionally Listened to on Loop – ‘I’m Not an Actor’ by MLTR. There is this one line where I thought he was saying ‘even in my hearts I know’, which I thought was neat because it implied he had two hearts which is neat. Then I thought he said ‘even though my arts are low’ which wasn’t so neat because it was like oh I am tortured artist and I was like whatever. Then I found out he was actually saying ‘even though my odds are low’. MLTR also had a song where the chorus went ‘that’s why you go away and away.’ Because sometimes one away just isn’t enough.

Other Things To Ponder- ‘24’ once showed a Big Bad Muslim Terrorist Area while playing Mann Ke Manjeere in the background, possibly because Indipop songs about women’s empowerment are very terroristy. One of the Muslim inmates on ‘Oz’ was called Sanjay Afsana, because Sanjay is a well-known Muslim name. In a movie whose name escapes me at the moment but probably had great music, Ramarajan wore a shiny shirt with shiny bow tie and sunglasses because he was from America and that’s what Americans dress like when they come from America.



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