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New Book-Conversations Regarding the Fatalistic Outlook of the Common Man

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Hallo dear. With great pomp and circumstance, I would like to announce the release of my next book called 'Conversations Regarding the Fatalistic Outlook of the Common Man'.

This lovely cover was done by the extremely talented Radha Sundar . Now what can I say about this new book. First of all, the title is predictably obnoxious and I'm so sorry. For those who are familiar with the Tamil Nadu State Board textbooks from the 90s, you may recall that in the Civics section, one of the reasons given for population explosion in our country was 'fatalistic outlook of the common man.' This resonated with me so much fam, even though I am not a common man.

Anyway, it behooves me to mention that in terms of general weirdness, this book is not as bad as the other ones. That is not to say it isn't weird, because it is, but it's def not as bad as that chapbook I wrote about math. The book is currently available for pre-order if you're interested.

Then, remember how I was writing for Rolling Stone? Fam, I was legit excited about that. Because when I was 12, I was checking out Rolling Stones from the local library to cut the cool pictures out (I'M SORRY) and here I was, so very many years later, actually writing for Rolling Stone. Not the "real" Rolling Stone, but the Indian one, as one fellow kindly pointed out to me. Anyway, in a shocking turn of events I am no longer writing for Rolling Stone. Honestly fam, that gig only lasted like three columns which is one of those things that is sad, embarassing and also hilarious. So anyway, RIP my Rolling Stone column, we hardly knew ye.

However. I continue to write about old radio shows in Strange Horizons, which is amazing. I also wrote this piece in the Kodai Chronicle about touristing in the Hills when one is from Chennai and also has an intense desire to show off, without actually having anything worth showing off. And I wrote one fiction piece for the Indian Quarterly's 9th Anniversary Special Issue which you can read here for free, if you log in.

I also did this podcast interview with Anjali Alappat at Arcx, which was fun to do but it is also one hour long, so there's that.

And I also continue to write audio stories for children at Storycakes. There are stories about aliens and runaway pants and also kesari, because I am from India.

I have not had the chance to write any other fiction lately because life, but I hope I can get back to it soon. Anyways, bai.


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